About Us


PITOT MEDIA is a local advertising and marketing firm offering professional .service in Medialeast and surrounding areas. The company specialisesin developing strategic communication plans for their clients with special emphasis on advertising, promotions and pmmational gifts, event management and related services. The frm, together with its specialist and experienced staff. can address and manage a client’s entire communications profile under one roof. Behind the efficient service we offer, there is a strong and dynamic team with outstanding talent Our graphic designers, advertising, public relations and event management professionals are outstanding in their respective fields, providing a strong infrastruciture backed up by administrative and financial management skills gained over many years.

Our Vision

To be the most cost effective quality concerned and creative marketing company, offering a fully integrated service to all clients. We have the knowledge and ex ertise and infrastructure to take your organisation through the whole process of creating an iden-tity and establishing .a strong brand awareness We draw from the experiences of a vietyalexperts in the marketing field These include graphic designers, language editors, jour-nalism, photographers, copy writers, printers and event management specialists as well as sales people.

Our Mission

Through personalised communications and marketing, the ,utilisation of the latest technology and continually upgrading OUT prod-uct and service range, we strive to attain maximum exposure for our clients,- and place them a step ahead of their competitors. At Lizard Adv. we see ourselves as business partners with our clients, continually adding value to their business by producing total advertising and marketing solutions